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"Monique"-  Standing proudly!
NCS 70L-26-07

Yet another beautiful DHB Daughter


Also Featured at K&L Aviary


Our specialty is greenrump parrotlets.  We have been breeding parrotlets for over 5 years and have placed many of our stock on the top bench at the parrot shows around the country..  For more information about parrotlets, please join the International Parrotlet Society or email me.


Budgerigars:  K&L Aviary has paired with Mapleleaf Aviaries to raise exhibition budgerigars.  We have gotten our initial stock from some of the best breeders in the country. 

Lineolated Parakeets
We breed our lineolated parakeets from high quality stock that has large eyes and cobby bodies!

A K&L Lineolated Pair
Green Hen X Cobalt Male

Pet Sitting
K&L Aviary has now formed a sister company, Pet Executives to care for your birds and other furry companions while you are away.  If you live in the Southern Wake area of North Carolina, please go to www.petexecutives.com  for more information.  We are fully insured and love working with all your pets! 


Welcome to K&L Aviary

Band Codes:  NCS 70L, SPBE KLH, IPS KLH ABS 91X
UPDATED:  01/29/2009:  See What's Happening Page for new pairings!
Members of:  The National Cockatiel Society, International Parrotlet Society, American Budgerigar Society, Raleigh Durham Caged Bird Society, and the Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors

We are located just south of Raleigh, NC.  Our birds have graced some of the largest bird shows in the country this year becoming champions as youngsters!  We are currently gearing up for another big season.  We sell some our babies, whether for pet or for show, from a handpicked stock that we have worked over 6 years to obtain.   All of our cockatiels are handfed and socialized within our family.  If you would like more information about our exhibition cockatiels, please feel free to
email me.

Join my Yahoo Group for up to the date information.  News will be sent as I get birds available.

NEW!  Please see our new Pet Sitting service available to Wake County, NC residents. www.petexecutives.com

For more information about cockatiels please visit our Cockatiel Blog where we have been writing about the different aspects of owning a cockatiel.

Two Cobalt Lineolateds doing what they do best, hanging!
Green-rumped Parrotlet single male.

Please visit www.showtiels.com